Problem statements

ASCA released its first problem statements, approved by VCDF and aligned to Defence’s strategic priorities.

  • How might we penetrate and degrade advanced integrated air defence systems so that Defence can conduct effective long-range strike operations, taking into account speed and scale required to operate in congested and contested environments that is faster than a potential adversary’s ability to react?
  • How might we improve the processing and synthesis of large amounts of intelligence data to support the planning and apportionment of platforms, taking into account different classification levels of data, systems and allies data systems?

The release of these problem statements was the initial step towards announcing ASCA’s first Mission, and identified potential opportunities for Australian industry, universities and research providers to work together with Defence on solving Defence’s highest priority capability needs.

An approach to market was published on AusTender to seek and select partners to co-design the details of ASCA’s first Mission. Mission Set 1 was released to market on 1 November 2023.