AUKUS Electronic Warfare Innovation Challenge

Industry and academia are invited to respond to a request for proposals (RFP) for the Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator’s first AUKUS Innovation Challenge in Electronic Warfare.

The AUKUS innovation challenges will seek solutions to shared problems across Australia, the United Kingdom and United States. The government innovation programs of each nation will conduct this inaugural challenge simultaneously.

This challenge will focus on Defence’s ability to leverage electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) technologies and capabilities that provide a competitive advantage to electromagnetic targeting, and those that protect Defence from adversary electromagnetic targeting capabilities.

The 6 key elements of the targeting cycle that Defence is interested in improving through development and transition of innovative technologies are:

  • find: identify a target using the EMS
  • fix: identify a target's location using the EMS
  • track: monitor a target's movement using the EMS
  • target: select and apply appropriate EMS assets and/or EMS enabled weapon systems
  • engage: apply EMS assets and enabled weapons to a target
  • assess: evaluate effects of an attack using the EMS.

A virtual market briefing was held on the 16 April 2024. The recording and presentation is available.

AUKUS Electronic Warfare Innovation Challenge Australian Market Briefing (PDF 1.22 MB)

Further details of the AUKUS Electronic Warfare Innovation Challenge RFP, and an updated Addendum, is available on the AusTender website.