Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator Pitch Day 2024

The Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator (ASCA) is excited to launch its first Pitch Day during the Australian Defence, Science, Technology and Research Summit (ADSTAR), 17-19 September 2024 at the National Convention Centre, Canberra, ACT. 

As outlined in the Defence Industry Development Strategy, pitch days will allow industry to present their ideas to Defence. While ASCA intends to focus on Defence’s established priorities, the pitch day will serve as a market scanning activity to ensure Defence remains aware of new capabilities and innovations.

Industry and academia are invited to respond to an expression of interest through this open market approach by presenting your innovative pitch in accordance with the eligibility criteria.  

Successful tenderers will be invited to provide a 3 minute pitch at the ASCA Pitch Day occurring at the ADSTAR Summit in front of senior Defence personnel. Winners will be announced at the ADSTAR gala dinner. This is a unique opportunity for industry to showcase their innovative ideas to Defence and potentially lead towards further development with a Defence sponsor through ASCA. 

The theme of the ASCA Pitch Day 2024 is Innovative Asymmetric Advantage.

  • Asymmetric Advantage
    This refers to military capabilities that pit strength against weakness and disrupt a potential adversary’s decision calculus. 
  • Innovative
    In the context of ASCA and this activity, it is to be interpreted as unique, novel and non-obvious advancements that could lead to achieving a game changing advantage to a published Defence priority. 

Further information can be found via AusTender information - 46331

This Approach to Market will close on 22 July 2024.


ASCA Pitch Day - Frequently asked questions (PDF 92.61 KB)