Missions are at the heart of a new approach to innovation that, in partnership with industry and universities, will focus on rapidly pulling through disruptive technologies into capabilities that will meet Defence’s most pressing needs.

Missions will respond to strategically directed Defence priorities that align with Defence policy and strategy and endorsed by the Vice Chief of Defence Force (VCDF).

Missions will be time limited to typically 3 years, with clear performance targets and off ramps where the technology ceases to be viable or affordable or Defence’s needs change. Program leaders will be appointed to each Mission. They will establish partnerships with relevant industry and universities experts and work with Defence scientists, military end users and acquisition and procurement specialists to drive the delivery of minimum viable capabilities that can be deployed and operated quickly in the field.

Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator's (ASCA) mission focus will provide Australian industry, academia and international allies and partners with clarity of Australia’s highest Defence capability priorities and the innovation opportunities available to work together to meet these with urgency.

Missions will be announced through Defence channels and stakeholders such as the Office of Defence Industry Support, industry associations, the Australian Defence Science and University Network and government agencies.