The Innovation Incubation Program is focussed on identifying opportunities to partner with Australian industry and universities to rapidly adapt, test and acquire new or commercial technology for military purposes.

The Program funds projects to identify and develop solutions that address capability priorities as approved by the Vice Chief of the Defence Force.

Activities under the Innovation Incubation Program include:

  • Requests for information and proposals to address challenge statements broadcast by Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator (ASCA).
  • Invitations to participate in pitch-fests and competitions.
  • Opportunities to participate in demonstrations or test and evaluation trials.

The Program is designed to expose industry and academia’s capabilities to Defence and help industry and academia understand Defence’s problems better, to shape and deliver future Defence capabilities.

ASCA promotes opportunities under the Innovation Incubation Program through our key stakeholders, including Office of Defence Industry Support, Australian Defence Science and University Network, industry associations and government agencies.