The Emerging and Disruptive Technologies (EDT) Program focuses on shaping and future proofing the Defence innovation ecosystem.

The EDT Program will monitor, investigate and research technologies that may provide leap ahead improvements to existing capabilities or new knowledge that helps identify opportunities for developing asymmetric capabilities for Defence.

The EDT Program will invest in deep and long-term partnerships between Defence Science and Technology Group, universities and/or industry to shape and nurture critical research and development capability shaped by Defence’s future requirements. The Program will fund research in areas aligned with Defence Strategic Review priorities and the potential to provide the Australian Defence Force with an asymmetric advantage. Projects under the EDT Program will typically be 3 to 5 years in duration.

Advanced Strategic Capabilities Accelerator (ASCA) will promote opportunities under the EDT Program through our key stakeholders, including Office of Defence Industry Support, Australian Defence Science and University Network, industry associations and government agencies.

The EDT Program is not required to deliver short-term acquisition outcomes – it will deliver discovery, new knowledge, concepts and prototypes to help protect against surprise and build capability to provide an international technology edge for Australia.

Visit the Opportunities page for more detail about the EDT Program's first call-out to industry and academia.